God is a meticulous record keeper

God has recordings of things people do here on Earth (Rev. 20:12,15; Heb. 6:10; Matt. 6:20).  God keeps track of idle thoughts (Matt. 12:36), our tears (Psalm 56:8), every star (Psalm 147:4) and those that fear God(Malachi 3:16).  

God also has us write the commandments on stone and wrote His laws on the hearts of born-again believers (Rom. 2:15).  God counts the number of days of our live and the hairs on our head (Psalm 139:16; Job 14:5;Luke 12:7; Matt. 10:30) and those numbers change every day! In Hebrews 11:2, right before the Hall of Faith Chapter which lists the incredible testimonies of believers who acted in faith God's Word says:

"For by it the elders obtained a good report" Hebrews 11:2

God kept a report, or a written record, of believers that acted in faith for God's will to be done in their lives.  Each story told in Hebrews 11 is a testimony of ordinary men and women doing extraordinary things because the had the faith to go where God asked and do what God said.


GOd is still keeping records

God sent His Son Jesus Christ to die so that you may live.  How are you living today?  Are you living the life Christ died to bring you? We believe you can.  We believe God has something very important for you to do with your life.  In fact, God has created you to use your very personal gifts and talents to do good work with your life for Christ Jesus (Eph. 2:10).

When you decide to start living or to go further down the path God created you go and walking out the faith for God's will that we see in Hebrews 11, we call it "Finding God's Sentence for Your Life!"






how to write your sentence

Your sentence can be the written report of walk for Christ.  When you activate faith to go where God asks you and do what God says you are beginning your sentence.  Angels in Heaven are recording your faith walk.  God is guiding your steps and directing your path(Pro. 16:9).  You are no different than the men and women recorded in the Bible, God has a plan and purpose for you just like He did for them!  It's up to you to start writing it.  

To learn how to find your sentence, add to it or stay encouraged when your faith walk gets tough keep listening to the New John Simmons Show.  

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John Speaking about Finding God's Sentence for the first time

You are meant to do great things through Christ. Believe that. Know that the Bible tells us that other people did it. People who didn’t know God were grabbed off the street one day and were doing great things for Him the next.

You have the same ability. God has given you gifts and talents to do extraordinary things!”
— John Simmons