Featured Interviews


Below is a mixture of video and audio interviews, testimonies and clips from The New John Simmons Show and other John hosted shows Let's Change St. Louis & Testimony House Presents.


David frey from sidewalk prophets

David called into "Let's Change St. Louis" to discuss his big break and the meaning behind some Sidewalk Prophets songs.

elliott davis from fox 2 news

Fox 2 St. Louis news anchor & reporter Elliott Davis came into the studio to talk about his faith and how he got his start in broadcasting.


joe mcgee profile.jpg

joe mcgee from joe mcgee ministries

National Speaker Joe McGee called into Testimony House Presents to talk to John about the "5 Things John Learned from Joe!"

TELL ME YOUR STORY W/ terry warren - author of delivered from rejection to redemption

Terry shared his tremendous story of overcoming gangs, family troubles and a tough upbringing to find Christ and share his story of hope through Christ with others.

terry warren book cover.jpg


Tell ME Your Story w/ rebecca bekker - journey from abortion CLINIC to twins

Rebecca called into Let's Change St. Louis to discuss her incredible heartwarming story of how her visit to an abortion clinic that led to the birth of twins who later became literal poster children for future anti-abortion ads.

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