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God created us with a plan in mind.  From creation to eternal life, God saw everything before it happened.  That includes the sentence He has for our lives.  When salvation and passion are evident, the vision for our new lives in Christ can become clearer.


God has always known our sentence

God knew us before we were born.  We may have been a mistake or an accident to our parents, but God knew we were coming.  He formed us and created us with all we would ever need to write out our sentence (Jer. 1:5;29:11;Psalm 100:3;Rom. 12:6;1 Pet. 4:10).

Christ teaches us that the greatest commandments are for us to love God and to love others (Matthew 22:36-40).  Acting out our love is what finding passion looks like, but finding vision is to have a clear idea about how your life will give itself to serve God and others.

God has always known where He wants you to go, but it is still our choice to follow His voice and to faithfully do what He asks of us.  


Are you ready to find vision?

To add to God's sentence for our lives, many people will need to find vision.  Vision is not a pre-requisite to salvation.  There are those that find Christ but don't desire or don't know to serve God and others with their lives.

Since vision comes to those who are seeking a deeper relationship with God, we must assume you have already begun writing God's sentence for your life by finding Christ & passion.  If you have not yet done those things, it will be incredible difficult to find vision because discerning God's will and making wise choices are the results of passion and lead us to God's vision for our future. 


how to find vision?

If you are ready to discover God's vision for your life and add to God's sentence, we will teach you how to use God's Word as a key to the map of your life. While this list isn't exhaustive, we teach x ways to find vision for your new life in Christ.

1) Revelation Knowledge -  For some like Paul, Mosses, Noah and so many others in the Bible, God will give revelation knowledge & instruction to believers regarding their vision.  

2) Serve as the Bible Instructs - Among many other instructions, the Bible teaches believers to feed the hungry, give water to the thirsty and care for elderly and children.  We can do these things in our lives at any point and do not need revelation knowledge to love God and others in this way.

3) Seek & Find - In Ephesians 1, Paul writes that we can pray and ask Christ for wisdom & revelation in our knowledge of God.  These fervent prayers can unlock clarity for His vision for our lives and allow us to continue to add to God's sentence.

Tune into the New John Simmons Show for deeper insight into these teachings and encouragement on finding vision.  Once you find vision we use the airwaves to encourage your faith to step out into that vision.  Finding Faith is the last step in writing God's sentence for your life.