Marked with Gold and Set Apart (Undergoing My First Cancer Treatment)- Pappy's Pen #09

*Note - This article was written by Kevin Dougherty. This post is part of a continuing series called Pappy’s Pen where he writes about his family, faith and recent cancer diagnosis. *

*Note - This article was written by Kevin Dougherty. This post is part of a continuing series called Pappy’s Pen where he writes about his family, faith and recent cancer diagnosis.*

Trans Rectal Ultrasound and Spaceoar and Prostate Fiducial Marker Placement.  That is the technical name of the procedure I underwent yesterday.  Or as I called it: Junk in the Trunk and Butt Bedazzling.  I was placed under general anesthetic and had a gel inserted to separate my rectum from my prostate.  This will help lessen any potential burning of my rectum from the radiation treatment I will receive.  I also had 3 very small gold markers placed in my prostate.  These gold markers will serve as targets for my radiation.  I did ask the doctor the street value of the gold because I was worried my kids would drag me to the pawn shop if they needed money.  Just kidding, although I would like to see that on Pawn Stars.  As resalable gold, not much.  As targets that show up on x-rays, invaluable.

Because of the gold markers my prostate will light up like the Las Vegas strip on x-rays.  And they are in there forever, as permanent as anything in this life can be.  I am marked.  It’s kinda weird, but the things happening to me seem to relate to things I am currently reading in the Bible.  I’m reading in Moses books about how the Israelites are marked, set aside as different.  Thru circumcision.  Not something you go around showing everybody, but they know it’s there, or not there, however you look at it.  A sign on the body of something that’s going on inside. 

It also got me thinking about how the New Testament talks about how we are marked in the spirit, set aside as different.  Not something anyone can see until our life starts to be transformed.  I can picture a big MRI machine in heaven, going thru it to see whose spirit is marked and who is pretending.   A big grocery store scanner where we are all lined up on the belt.  BOOP, yep, BOOP, yep, BEEEP, no.  “No Wait!!!  I have a coupon for 75 sins off!!!  AAAHHH!!”  Ok, I know that’s not how it’s going to be but it’s fun to imagine.

The nurse in the surgery center got a good one on me.  She was going thru the checklist of the surgery prep I was supposed to do to make sure everything was done and that I was ready for surgery.  I told her I had performed an enema that morning and she stopped, looked at me, and said “Only one.  You are supposed to have two.  I guess I’ll just have to do another now.”  Apparently the look on my face was pretty shocked because everyone started cracking up.  She got me good.

After the surgery I was updating friends and family by text on the outcome.  I texted a retired minister couple friends of ours to let them know the butt bedazzling was a success.  Only I didn’t have the correct phone number for the wife.  They had phones that belonged to their ministry and when they retired they turned them in and got their own personal phones.  The old phones were turned over to different ministry people.  I had updated the husband’s new phone in my contacts but apparently not the wife’s.  So someone I have no idea who got a very strange text.  And they responded to it.  Turns out they are friends with our friends, so everything worked out with me getting a new prayer partner. 

The next step for me is to have a “fitting” in 10 days.  I will have an MRI and CT scan, then have a mold made for me to lay in during the radiation treatments.  Apparently some kind of permanent bean bag chair that will hold me in place.  It will also serve as a dry run for the 5 treatments I will have to go thru.  If all goes as planned this will all be over in about 5-6 weeks.  Keep praying.  Thanks.

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