What is Testimony House? The Mission and Vision

Testimony House is a Christian Learning Center that was formed in 2013. The ministry is run by a small group of believers hungry to further the gospel message and use their God given gifts and talents to serve others and solve problems.

Our mission at Testimony House is to lead the lost to Christ and help believers discover and walk out God’s unique plans and purpose for their lives.

Our goal is to be able to disciple hundreds of thousands of individuals in St. Louis and across the country in many different ways at the same time.

We hope to accomplish this goal, in part, through the already planted Testimony House Network. A live streaming studio and Christian content provider. The Testimony House Network (also known as the TH Network) wants to primarily use live streaming as a tool to reach the lost for Christ. In addition, we want to disciple believers through various daily content that is edifying, educational and entertaining.

Since 2013, we have hosted meetings in apartments, partnered with churches to host classes and hosted multi church revival events in the Ferguson, MO area.  More recently, Testimony House has produced several radio programs including Let’s Change St. Louis and the syndicated New John Simmons Show.

Now we set our eyes to the future of what God would have us do – which is to open the doors on our first building. The Testimony House building will be our home base for the continued growth of the TH Network as well as a physical building to hold classes, seminars and conferences.

 We are believing for the funds, resources and availability for the building inside Woodson Hills Shopping Center in St. Louis, MO. This property was revealed to us in a dream as being our first location and is close to Lambert Int’l Airport.

Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 4.17.05 AM.png

Outside of the network, Testimony House has released two books, Finding Faith & God Has a Sentence for Your Life, to help people find Christ and God’s plan for their lives. We also teach motivational gifts classes, provide benevolence to our community and speak at churches and conferences.

We believe God is about to save a large number of souls and that local churches won’t have room to hold all the people. Our platform can act as a method of discipleship to help reach the overflow of those who are hungry and searching for Christ and what God has for them.

 We would like you to grab hold and run with this vision with us.

  • We are looking to raise $185,000 to enter into our building (seen below)

  • We are looking for believers to use their gifts to create content for the TH Network

  • We are looking for individuals who are interested in volunteering their time to be trained to work behind (and in front) of the scenes of the network.

  • We are looking for churches and individuals to take hold of this vision from God and share it with others

  • We are looking for people to simply watch and/or interact with our programs

  • We are looking for your prayer and faith that God will use us to win souls and feed the spiritually hungry

If you would like to partner with us in any of these ways here’s how: 

  1. Give a one-time gift

  2. Become a Monthly Partner

  3. Join us is prayer by sharing your name and prayer in the comments below

  4. Offer to volunteer your time by messaging us on Facebook

  5. Share your idea for creating new Christian content for our network by e-mailing testimonyhouses@gmail.com