Official Announcement: God Has a Sentence for Your Life Release Date

God Has a Sentence for Your Life release date set for March 19th through TBN’s Trilogy Publishing

More than six years ago, in an apartment I’ve long moved out of, God told me I would tell others that He had a sentence for their lives. He also told me this message would be, “the foundation of your ministry.”

Initially, however, I had no idea what that phrase meant or how it would become the foundation of Testimony House. In the years that followed, God revealed what having a sentence for your life meant and also taught me how I can share this message with others. All of the people I have met, all of the sermons I’ve heard and every experience in my walk with Christ led me to this place — where I can share what I’ve learned with you.

I want you to experience the joy, peace, hope and satisfaction that I and many others have found when they began walking in God’s unique plans and purpose for their lives. God Has a Sentence for Your Life will help lead you to that place. This book is for you if:

  • You have ever wondered if you are living the life God meant you to have.

  • You have ever had that sinking feeling in your stomach that there is something more for you to be doing in life.

  • You have ever desired to discover or walk in your God given gifts and talents.

  • You ever wanted to have a testimony that changes lives and encourages the lost to find Christ.

The journey to learn the lessons contained within this new book has been a long, but rewarding, one. In the next few weeks, we will be releasing promotional videos, sharing the concepts of this book in various interviews and talking about how you can find God’s sentence for your life on my show, Storylines.

Pre-order now through Amazon and in our store.

This work is a culmination of the key points and lessons I have learned and have to share on the subject of finding God’s plan and purpose for your life. I know you can find what God had for you just like I did.

You can still write the greatest testimony of your life, not your salvation story, but the story of the what happened after!