Give Yourself Away

Old clothes, out of date electronics or outgrown toys. People sometimes give away things that hold little or no value to their lives anymore.  We give them away in the hopes that someone else will be able to treasure or use what we discard or no longer have use for ourselves.

As generous as it may sound to give something away to benefit others, it loses it boastful signature if we give things away simply because we don’t like or want them anymore. Our trash may be someone else’s treasure, but wouldn’t it be better if we gave away the best of what we had to offer.

At a marriage ceremony, the father of the bride generally gives away the bride. At a ministry outreach, the volunteers give away free food or much needed supplies. For our children, we give them our hearts, attention and love.

As you can see with the above examples, sometimes people are able to give away the valuable possessions we have or the most valuable thing another person needs.  A hot meal may not cost a lot to give someone, but it may be the only hot meal they get all week. Medicine in areas of the world where they are scarce may prove to save a life. A treasured daughter is given away with only an expectant hope that she will be treated well and valued by her husband equal or better than she was by her father.

For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16 (emphasis added)

God loved us so much that He gave His only son. This was the best gift any of us could ever receive. Jesus lived a perfect life so that we could find salvation through faith in Him.  It wasn’t financially expensive to send Jesus to Earth, but there was a significant cost.

God watched as Jesus took on the weight of our sin. He knew in advance that would take place.

Love as defined by God in John 3:16 is shown by given others your very best, even when you know what might come of it. Even if it is difficult to give. Even when it may hurt.

The value of our love multiplies when we give our best and also meet the needs of the receiving party. I can buy my daughter the greatest and largest toys in the store, but am I still giving her the best if she has a need for braces or tuition?  Gifts that seem good on the surface aren’t always the best gifts to give.

Your Best Gift

Would you like to know the best gift you can give to someone? Using your unique and specific God given gifts and talents to serve them. There is no greater gift than fulfilling God’s purpose for your life through the service of others. Jesus is the greatest example.

Jesus had a unique plan and purpose from God for His life. He came to live free of sin so that He could pay the price for all the sins of mankind. His death fulfilled the need for death as payment for sin. We can now find salvation through faith and confession in Christ as Lord (Romans 10:9).  Jesus used His specific and God given gifts to serve all of us in this way.

Jesus had talents to speak in parables and the talented ability to battle and win against the enemy in even the worst natural conditions (Matthew 4:1). Depending on the situation, Christ has the ability to perfectly comfort others but He also knew how to perfectly rebuke them. These gifts and talents, among many others, were given to Him by God to use in service of us.

What gifts and talents has God put inside of you?

For years, I had no idea I was made special by God to do great things through Christ (Ephesians 2:10). I was walking around doing whatever I wanted. The gifts I gave to others were usually things I bought at the store an hour before the party. I was 29 years old when I discovered some of my giftings to write and communicate with others in a way that served them.  Now, when I use my God given gifts, I find an abundance of joy and peace in my heart. A satisfying feeling (Psalm 16:11).

I want you to have that for yourself. I want you to realize the value God has placed in you. The things God has designed you to do are not financially expensive, but they will have a cost.  You will have to first discover what they are, then take the time to learn more about them and mature in how you use them. Then, God will ask you to use them in ways that may be uncomfortable.  Thankfully, all of those challenges make the gift so much more valuable.

Sometimes, people give away things that have no value to them any longer. When you pay the price to discover and walk in your God given gifts and talents, every time you use them to serve others you will giving away your very best.

If you would like to discover some of your God given gifts, I invite you to watch any of the Testimony House gifts classes videos. In addition, Testimony House can host a gifts class at your church, small group or business.