Restaurant Faith - Part One


Now that my wife and I have two children, our habits when going out a restaurant have changed.

On our first date, Megan and I went and saw a movie and had dinner at a local Red Robin. We sat there for a couple hours sharing stories and getting to know one another.  After we were married, there were a number of restaurants we frequented, usually finding the time to go out once a week or more. For both of us, we might spend an avg. of $40 on food, beverages and a tip. 

Now, when we go to a restaurant – which is as rare as going to the dentist, we spend part of our time either trying to get the kids to behave or chasing them around when they’re not. The establishment usually has some sort of dinosaur shaped chicken nugget instead of the adult fare Megan and I enjoyed in our early married life. After 20 minutes, our screaming kids usually force us to make a fast exit. Kid’s meals have skyrocketed our bills too. Who knew a kids cheeseburger and fries cost $7.99? 


Life changes as you move through the seasons of your life. I used to love riding the roller coasters at amusement parks but now get ill just being near one. I used to bleach my hair blonde and spike it up, now I’m satisfied with my natural color and a short cut. We aren’t the same person we were in high school that we are today. Our goals and desires change over time too. 

Some things never change though.  I’ve been a big dreamer my whole life, even though the dreams have changed.  I’ve loved to write my whole life, even though the subject matter has taken a significant change in course. And ever since I found Jesus, I have been able to trust in Him.

For a period of time after I found Christ, I was still trapped in my gambling addiction and fighting a new found conviction of the Holy Spirit to stop. I struggled watching others gamblers do the things I wanted to do but seemed to not be having the same disastrous results that I had every time I gambled. I remember thinking and asking God, “Why can’t I just be like those people?”


Psalms 37 changed my outlook in life from how I saw myself to how God saw me. God has always had better plans for my future than I had for myself. This section of verses helped me understand that wanting to gamble responsibly wasn’t what I wanted — I wanted to find His purpose in my life. God’s Word in this Scripture begins with an encouraging thought to not want to act like those that are doing wrong things. God compares those in sin to a plant that grows and dies. They may look great one moment but be gone the next. 

I then remembered hearing a tragic story about a wealthy poker player who carried around million dollar checks in his jacket pocket to show off. He was one of the people I wanted to be like when I when I was deep in my addiction.  He later murdered his family and killed himself.

While it wasn’t easy to flee from my addiction and chase after God’s purpose for my life, Psalm 37 showed me what the path to finding God’s purpose for my life and how to live a life of restaurant faith looked like.  Tomorrow I will show you how to have restaurant faith in your life and be transformed to a person who can navigate a life of changes.

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