Nick Foles is #Blessed

Last night, on the final NFL playoff games of the weekend, we saw last year’s Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles lead the Philadelphia Eagles to a dramatic victory over the Chicago Bears. A come from behind win that was secured when the Bears missed a field goal in the final seconds of the game. 

Drama at that high a level isn’t that uncommon in the NFL playoffs. However, it seems like the most dramatic moments and the most engaging storylines of the past two seasons seem to be centered around Foles and his Eagles.


Last night in my house, I was vocally sharing some of my excitement for Foles story as it was continuing to unfold and my wife said to me, “Who is Nick Foles?” That question was the evidence I needed. She must not have listened to my show last year on the subject! Thankfully, all of you can now go back and listen to that episode of the New John Simmons Show.

Let me paint the picture for anyone else who may be unfamiliar with the Foles story. Following an all-star season in 2013, Foles was shipped around the NFL to various teams and lost his joy for football in the process.  He sparked headlines when he shared with the media that he was contemplating retiring from the NFL to become a pastor.   


From NFL to Ministry

As a side note, I am super encouraged by anyone who is willing to go where God would call them when it may not look normal to the world. As a member of a church pastored by NFL Hall of Fame inductee Aeneas Williams, I have a first-hand account of someone who stepped off the grand NFL stage to take up a servants role at a church. Williams Spirit Church in St. Louis has grown exponentially since its launch and his right now messages and Scripture led services are inspiring thousands of people in the St Louis area on a weekly basis.

During conversations with God, Foles asked and looked for signs as to whether he should continue playing football.  Realizing God doesn’t always answer our prayers in that way, Foles states in a YouVersion Devotional filled with the testimonies of various Philadelphia Eagles players, “God was shaping me. He was bringing me down to my knees.” That humbling time allowed for the revelation that Foles was looking for, “I’ll never forget the moment when I decided I had the heart to play football. And I wanted to use the platform that God had given me to glorify Him with everything I had.”

Foles came back to the NFL as a back-up quarterback. A type of serving role Jesus wants up to be willing to take but is uncommon for players to have in the NFL.  Players usually want to play, not just be happy serving the team by sitting on the bench. Foles found a starting role in December 2017, when fellow believer and founder of the Audience of One Foundation and its Scripture inspired clothing line Carson Wentz was sidelined with an injury.

From there, Foles, who was the back-up quarterback nearly washed out of NFL years earlier led an underdog team to an improbable Super Bowl win against arguably the greatest NFL team dynasty of all time the New England Patriots.


In 2018, Foles was again placed to a back-up roll on the Eagles roster when Wentz returned to good health. The Eagles struggled to keep their heads above water in the standings during the regular season and when Wentz was injured almost a year to the day later Foles was promoted to starter once again. He then led the team through an unlikely winning streak against tough opponents that landed them a spot in the playoffs.

Now the legend of Nick Foles, his faith in God and the seemingly blessed story of the Philadelphia Eagles is growing. Is God watching over the Eagles? Is Christ being glorified through their victories? Is Foles living a literal example of Isaiah 40:31? Will they go onto win this year’s Super Bowl – which will in turn lift Foles story to one of the most compelling in the history of the NFL? 

These are interesting questions to me. I do know that God is with Nick Foles. Win or lose in the weeks ahead, Foles has shared in faith in Christ as Lord and that is enough to supply joy, peace and hope in anyone.

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