The Finding Passion List

When I first started my journey to discover God’s plan and purpose for my life back in 2012, I was armed with only two things.

1)    A belief that God had unique and specific plans for my life

2)    A desire to chase those plans down until I found them

Now, after years of chasing Jesus I have seen my life completely transformed from the hopeless mess it once was to a joy filled intentional journey to love God and others that constantly fulfills my sense of purpose.

I want to pass some of the things I have learned since then onto you while also highlighting my new adventures as I attempt to go further down the path God cleared for me.  (You can read an overview of what that journey looks like here) Part of what I want to share with you is how to find a passion for God.  I believe finding a passion for God is the first step to discovering God’s plans and purpose for your life.

Finding passion is the foundation of writing God’s sentence. It doesn’t matter if this is the first time you are attempting to unlock God’s plans for your life or you are a seasoned veteran believer looking for God to open another door for you to walk through. 

I imagine you know more about and communicate effectively with your best friends today than you did the day you met them. This should be no different than how your relationship with God develops.  Finding passion is my way of helping you get you closer to God today than you were yesterday.

For myself, I am not looking to write God’s sentence for the first time, I have already written major components to God’s sentence for my life including launching a ministry, fleeing from major sins and starting a family. However, I am embarking on this journey because I want to highlight that there is always more that can be discovered in God’s plans for your life if you are willing to keep chasing. Either way, the steps to finding passion I teach in God Has a Sentence for Your Life can work in either situation.

This year I am going to follow the steps of the book and track the process.  Below is a list of tasks I am attempting to complete in 2019 that fall under the steps of finding passion in the book.

I will do 24 things (avg. 2 each month) to find a passion for God that I rarely do, know I should do more, have never done or are out of my comfort zone. The hope is that these tasks will require me to submit my time and effort to deepening my relationship with the Lord so that I can better hear His voice and learn more about His plans and purpose for my life.

The Finding Passion List:

1.     Fasting

2.     Attend a church conference

3.     Travel to a gathering of believers from multiple places (non-conference)

4.     Read Bible (Passion translation)

5.     Read Bible (ESV translation)

6.     Go up for prayer at church when offered

7.     Pray for leaders

8.     Pray for Israel

9.     Pray for the salvation of Individuals

10.  Write a daily blog in 2019

11.  Listen to a reader recommended message series

12.  Follow challenge in devotional

13.  Attend a small group at church

14.  Focus on forgiveness

15.  Turn off my favorite game

16.  Pray with my wife everyday

17.  Take a DVD based Bible Study

18.  Serve a para-church ministry that is not my own

19.  Grow in wisdom and maturity as a Parent:

20.  Husband

21.  Leader

22.  Writer

23.  Christian

24.  Pray for vision

This list is not in a specific order and each item on the list will be handled individually. Some may be an action I take every day for a month, some may take the whole year and obviously others will only last for a scheduled time. This year, I will create a blog post for each task on the list and dive deep into the actions, stories and results of doing each one.

Would you like to see what happens when I attempt each item on the list?

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