Rope Bridge Moments - My Finding Faith List 2019

Have you ever been running in the jungle chasing after the love of your life who is being held captive in an evil lair deep within the trees? Do you remember when you came to an overpass that contained a rickety old rope bridge? Were you able to cross that bridge with no problem or did you fall and get eaten by the alligators below like the henchmen in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom? 

While most of us have probably not faced this problem, it did seem to be a common occurrence in the shows and movies I watched growing up.  Yet, I do believe many of us have come across rope bridge moments in our lives – which are those times when the direction we want to go seems unsafe but we have to put our trust in the bridge to hold us because we are chasing after the love of our life.


I’ve had several of those moments myself including when I pursued after a marriage with Megan while others were trying to prevent it and when I left my paycheck job to begin Testimony House – which was part of God’s unique plan and purpose for my life.  If I would have looked only at the detractors of my marriage instead of my bride or looked at my paycheck instead of my calling I wouldn’t have done either one. Instead, like the hero facing a rope bridge, I chased after what was valuable and important to me because I had faith in God that I wouldn’t fall through its cracks.

Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see. Hebrews 11:1

Faith is about confidence and assurance. Another way to say that would be faith is about hope and trust. Hope is the desire to see some­thing happen. Trust is the ability to believe in something. I hope to make it to the other side of the bridge and save what I love. I trust God to keep the bridge sturdy and in place.

God wants us to use faith, in part, to fulfill His unique plans and purpose for our lives. To do so, we need to have a hope in our future – which could be finding a spouse, that dream job or being delivered from a sin issue. We also need to put our trust in God and believe that we will get where we want to go safely no matter how bad a situation, or bridge, looks.

It didn’t look like things would work out for me financially when I quit my paycheck job to start Testimony House. I went fourteen months between paychecks. Yet, God supernaturally financed my life in many ways in that season. Not having a paycheck forced me to learn how to rely on faith. It was not always easy to do, but now I have a trail of evidence and testimonies to support that God was with me the whole time. I won’t share them all here (You can read many of those stories in my first book Finding Faith), but I will say one of the fruit bearing results of my faith was a 100 day miracle that fully funded Testimony House for years. 

I’m not sure what moment you are facing that requires you to put your hope in the future God has for you and the trust in Him to see it fulfilled. I do know that you should have one.  Our Christian walk is build on a foundation of faith. It is how you found salvation. Now that Jesus is in your life, God wants you to step out in faith and do the things you were created and designed to do (Ephesians 2:10).

I know what it’s like to step out in faith and see an unbelievably perfect answer to prayer. I also know what it is like to see a prayer go unanswered. I have begun a path to write God’s sentence for my life, but I also know He always has more for me. You can too. So, as part of my journey to write God’s sentence for my life in 2019 I want to share with you what I am putting my faith in this year. These are my rope bridge moments for myself or for others. I encourage you to create your own and share it in the comments

John’s Finding Faith List 2019

1.     To see salvation for my unsaved friends and family member

2.     To see specific people who are close to me begin to write God’s sentence

3.     To rebuild Marvin Campground Association

4.     To see Megan & I have healed skin

5.     To see Kevin Eskew’s spine healed

6.     To see specific endorsements come in for God Has a Sentence for Your Life

7.     To see my wife become pregnant and have a healthy third child

8.     To see Testimony House win thousands of souls and guide hundreds to God’s plan

Check back to this article later for links to individual articles about each item on this list. I will track and share the progress and results of my journey to find a passion for God, a vision from God and the faith to follow God. 

These are just a few of the things I am having faith for this year. Ultimately faith should be exercised in every area of your life, not just rope bridge moments. However, I do hope that you find the faith to pray and believe for God to guide you across your rope bridge though.

Again, feel free to share your finding faith list in the comments. I’d love to see them.

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