An Interesting Journey

In his Masterclass on writing, Malcom Gladwell, best-selling author of Outliers and David and Goliath, describes a conversation he overheard where a woman fresh out of seminary was talking to her professor about what her next steps in life should be. Gladwell became interested when instead of saying, “I can’t figure out what I want to do” he heard the woman say, “I can’t figure out what God wants me to do.”

 Gladwell says, “She put herself second, it wasn’t about looking inside herself and finding some inner truth. It was about looking for a higher purpose.” He poses that you can see the beauty in the humility of that type of question.

 Inside many of us, I believe there is a desire to satisfy that calling deep within ourselves to find out why we are here and what is our purpose. We may not be able to identify where that desire came from, but many of us have asked those types of questions to ourselves or others.

Your Invitation to the Journey

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For more than six years, I have been on my own journey to answer the questions about the higher purpose in my own life. I’ve had those questions my whole life, but only found real answers when I began asking God what He had for me. Since I started my journey to write God’s sentence, I have been freed from a serious gambling and smoking addiction, launched a ministry, wrote a couple books and started a family. These results came after I stopped looking for my own inner truth and searched for the real truth – which is found through Christ (John 14:6).

Now I want to invite you to join me on my continued journey, as I share with you both what I’ve learned and also walk with you as a guide on your journey. A journey which begins the moment you find enough humility to ask God, “What do you want me to do?”

Over the next year, I will document my steps of passion, vision and faith through articles published here on  These articles will act as companion pieces to my new book, God Has a Sentence for Your Life being published soon through TBN’s Trilogy publishing. Inside that book, I will detail the stories of those who have found God’s Sentence (another way of saying God’s plans and purpose) and well as highlight the steps you can take to write yours.

In the blog, I will show you the steps of passion, vision and faith I am taking at this point in my walk with Christ.  My main objective with highlighting my own life is to give you a first hand account of the results of the steps and teachings of my book, and more importantly, I want to encourage you and anyone else who is ready to step out in faith to write their own sentence to do so.

Who should follow my journey?

The Skeptic – Anyone who doesn’t believe God is real or questions the real results doing God’s will instead of your own. 

The Seeker – Someone who is looking for answers to questions about God, who they are and what is their purpose.

The Saved – A born again believer looking to step out of their life and into the life God has for them.

The Secure – Those born again believers who have done things for God before but are looking to catch hold of a new idea and see God use them again.

A Beneficial Journey

Gladwell ends his story about the seminary woman by saying, “Why did I eavesdrop on that conversation? Because the question, “What does God want me to do in the world?” is interesting. If she had said, “What do I want to do in the world?” (that) is every conversation you have ever heard and I would have gone back to (what I was doing).”

Not only is it interesting to find out what God wants you to do as Gladwell says, but it is also beneficial.  Trusting in God, whether it is for salvation, an answer to prayer or discovering His plan for your life can provide significant results.

Romans 15:13 says that when we place our trust God that our lives can overflow with hope, joy and peace.

Are those three things you would like more of in your life?  I know they are for me.  Journeying to find God’s sentence allows us to exercise that trust and to benefit and experience a new level of peace, joy and hope in our lives. Those results might just satisfy the deepest questions within us.

Will you join me on this interesting and beneficial journey?