The Greatest Testimony I Ever Heard AKA What Happened After I Quit My Job to Follow Christ - Part 2

This article can stand on its own, but is a continuation on a previous piece. To read from the beginning  click here .

This article can stand on its own, but is a continuation on a previous piece. To read from the beginning click here.

Standing inside the dimly lit sanctuary of a church I had never visited was a slender brunette girl around 18 years old. Her legs were already submerged in the water of the baptismal. The pastor of this non-denominational church stood beside her. This was the tail end of a mightily attended baptism service I attended the first day I started my new paycheck less job running Testimony House.

Moments before I heard the account I am about to share with you I was ready to head out the door. I had just heard almost 100 people share their testimonies of Christ. Many of whom seemed scared to be speaking publicly due to the previously mentioned large crowd. I was expecting to hear countless stories that would stir my spirit and encourage my walk. Instead, I was watching people nervously share why they invited God into their heart.

Then God presented what I still believe is the greatest testimony I have ever heard anyone share.

The pastor who had done all the baptisms to that point, called up a blonde girl to join him at the baptismal. The pastor said that the blonde was a long-time member of the church and the best friend of the brunette that was about to be baptized. The pastor asked the blonde to tell the story of what led to this moment. 

The blonde girl shared the following testimony:

When I was in the youth group here we were in another church building. We were about to move to the new facility we are now in. One day, the pastor brought in bricks to the youth group and said for everyone to write down a name of someone who they wanted to see come to our new church and that those bricks would become the foundation of the new church building. 

I prayed and asked God to tell me whose name to write down and I heard God tell me to write down the brunette’s name. We weren’t friends at the time and I didn’t really know her that well, but I followed God’s instructions and wrote her name down. 

That year at school, I approached the brunette to invite her to church and was turned down rather rudely. I tried several other times, but nothing seemed to work. The brunette wanted nothing to do with me or Jesus. 

The next year we were placed on the same bus route to school and I thought God would use that to bring her to church. I asked repeatedly and she said no repeatedly. A year later, we were put into assigned seats on the bus next to each other. I surely thought God would use this opportunity to His will, but we did not grow closer and she did not except any of my invitations to church. 

The next year, we ended up in the same after school club. We spent time together outside of the bus route and over time finally became friends. When we got closer in our relationship I asked again and she was more gracious but still said no. 

At that point, I had given up on the thought that I would get her to come to church with me. I stopped inviting her but would tell her as my friend about all the trips and things we were doing at church. To my surprise one day, she asked if she could go on a youth retreat with me that I had been sharing my excitement about. Of course, I told her. 

During the retreat, she gave her life to the Lord and has been coming to church with me ever since and we are now best friends.

I had never heard a testimony quite like that. But it didn’t stop there. The blonde paused for a moment and then said something I will never forget. 

“This is the first time I am telling the brunette this story.”

The blonde had spent years praying and thanking God for this girl’s salvation long before they were even friends and long after her attempts to see God’s will be done seemed to not be working. And she did it without saying a word to anyone, but by having faith in God. 

What happened next changed my perception about thankfulness. 

As the blonde said this was the first time I had told the brunette that story, the brunette had already jumped out of the baptismal soaking wet and wrapped her arms around her best friend. The microphone was able to pick up what the brunette said, “Thank you.” She slowly repeated those words with great fervor. 

Those were the most authentic and genuine words of appreciation I had ever heard. She said them because she knew her future had changed. Imagine, if we all thanked God for what He has done for us in that same way.

My future had changed too, because I knew in that moment, that I wanted to live the rest of my life attempting to believe God would use me to lead others in to Christ with the same heart and desire I saw in that young blonde woman.

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