The Life/Work Balance Equation

Elaine, Jerry and George on an episode of Seinfeld

Elaine, Jerry and George on an episode of Seinfeld

On the show Seinfeld, there was a running joke throughout the seasons that two of the main characters, George and Elaine, weren’t able to comfortably spend time alone together.  The joke being that the title character Jerry Seinfeld is the glue that keeps the group together and without whom George and Elaine would not actually be friends. 

I have had people like that throughout my life. I had a friend in grade school that all the girls had a crush on and I was his puppy love wingman. I talked to all the girls about my friend when he wasn’t around.  I was quite aware that if my friend changed schools, those girls were not going to talk to me again.

When I started working, I had a larger group of friends and co-workers that spent time together. I was able to invite my friends from school and my friends from work out with me to the bar or trivia nights we would often frequent in my early adult life, but they would never have called one another to meet up without me.

These types of situations in life are common – which is someone or something that when in place, keeps the larger group or unfit pieces together.  The thing that is in place in engineering terms is called a fulcrum. A fulcrum helps support something.

Jerry was Elaine and George’s friendship support, thereby their fulcrum.  In school, I was the pivot point between my friend and the girls who wanted to meet him. When I started working, I was the fulcrum because I was an essential part of an activity, event or situation between my friends and co-workers.

As you go about your week, you may also find yourself being the fulcrum for parts of your every day life. You may be the fulcrum that balances your work and school schedule or your family and friends. You may feel like the only thing keeping the relationship between you and your spouse or parents from falling apart. In those situations, you are acting like the fulcrum in your family and life balance.  When life seems busy and tough, we can sometimes feel overwhelmed and wonder why things never seem to get easier.

I want to offer you a solution to the times you feel stressed, worried or frustrated with life.  Let God be your fulcrum. 

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Part of the definition of fulcrum is to be a place where a lever rest. When you try to accomplish all the tasks in your life by yourself you are acting as your own fulcrum.  You shouldn’t be overwhelmed because the laundry isn’t done and the project at work isn’t finished yet.  You may need to do those things yes, but you should be able to conquer them while your spirit is at rest.  You are not at rest if you are worried about different parts of your life all the time or feel like you never have enough time for one thing over another in your life.

This week at the Bible study small group I attend with my family, Kevin (who has also written on this blog) brought up the idea of being in rest as a key to unlocking God’s purpose in your life. He used Hebrews 3 & 4 to teach us about entering into God’s rest so that we can receive God’s promises.  (I will ask him to write an article about this in detail and post the link here when it is finished.)

When you allow God to act as your fulcrum he can then balance out all that life piles onto you – which will allow you to rest because you are trusting Him to guide you through your circumstances. In addition, having God as your fulcrum allows you unleash all your burdens onto Him because He will now be in a position to carry all the weights you feel are on your shoulders.


Jerry might have been the fulcrum for George and Elaine, but Jerry was never worried about how those two things didn’t get along if he wasn’t there. In a similar way you shouldn’t be concerned if parts of your life seem to not work together. It doesn’t mean they both shouldn’t be in your life, you just need in to invite God to act as the thing that supports them.  Let God be the thing that plays a central or essential role in every activity, event, or situation in your life.  Watch how easy life works together then.

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