My Finding Vision List 2019

Knowing where you are trying to go in life is important. As a Christian, navigating God’s path for your life is rewarding, but can sometimes feel overwhelming. We want to make sure we are making the right major decisions and also following His instructions.  I think one of the biggest hangups for believers who aren’t sure what God has for them or feel delayed in reaching their promised land is that they just don’t want to be wrong.

No one wants to put all of their resources, time, effort and energy into a task to find out it was wrong. Could you imagine if Noah found out he was supposed to build a plane instead of a boat! That is why faith is nessecary to fulfill God’s plans. We don’t know what will happen when we step out in faith but do need to have the vision to see what God sees before we start. 

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Making life changing choices based our faith in Christ and what we believe He is telling us to do can be daunting.  Earlier this year, I wrote about how my church did a corporate fast to receive a vision from God for our lives.  When polled by the pastor, many members of the church honestly reported that they didn’t receive one. 

Does that mean they don’t have a vision from God? Absolutely not. God has a vision for everyone (Jer. 29:11; Eph. 2:10; Hebrews 11).   

However, the plans God has for our lives come in different seasons to different people. Some people receive their vision as soon as they ask God (like I seemed to) and others may ask God and still feel like they have yet to receive after years of prayer (like many believers I’ve talked to). Not to mention that some people get a revelation from God about their future without even asking Him what it is. Moses at the burning bush and Paul on the road to Damascus are great biblical examples of that type of revelation recieved without prayer. Whereas the centurion baptized by Peter is an example of someone who prayed, asked and received what God had for his life.

Since the very first time I stepped foot in a church and God revealed to me that I was special to Him and He had plans for my life I have been chasing them.  Sometimes I clearly know where to go and what to do and other times I pray for grace and mercy to either not mess up or for forgiveness when I do.

I have written my visions or the things I am hoping to see happen in my life for years. I pray and ask God what His plans are and I also write some things I would like to see happen. I don’t normally share my visions with others outside of a few things. I pray in secret hoping for God to reward me in the open (Matt. 6:6). This year, however, I will be sharing a large portion of my vision list for 2019 to show you what a vision list looks like and to encourage you to live our God’s sentence for your life by casting visions for yourself in different areas of your life. 

My goal at the end of this is for you to see what my vision list looks like and hear my testimonies of those visions taking place as well me staying honest about the ones that don’t come to pass. Not every vision we have from God takes place. Maybe God doesn’t answer a prayer because our motivations are wrong or because receiving one answer would delay or prevent a blessing later on. Either way, being flexible in your visions and where you need to put your faith will help you navigate a life of challenges, setbacks and prayers that are answered in ways you weren’t expecting.

So here it is, my vision list for 2019. Check back to this list throughout the year or subscribe to the blog as I will write an independent article about each one of these goals tracking their outcomes and my thoughts along the way.  Same goes for those who may be unfamiliar with anything, check back, I will write detailed articles about each of this items on the list to with detailed explanations and examinations of what each item means.

John’s 2019 Vision List

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1)   Live Like the First Year

2)   Ministry Goals

a.    See 1000 souls won for Christ

b.    Share 100 testimonies of others

c. Launch TH Network Prorgams

d.    Create the Enoch Marvin Documentary

e.    Assemble Marvin Camp Ground Association

f.    Write the Kingdom of Heaven Book

3)   Financial Planning Goals         

a.    Be Debt free

4)   Career Goals – short and long term

a.    Sell 1000 copies of God Has a Sentence for Your Life

b.    See KXEN/WGNU become powerful Gospel sharing platforms that attract large audiences

5)   Fun Time Goals

a.    Get 2 English Bulldog puppies

b.    Meet Josh Hamilton

c.    Vacation to East Coast States

6)   Health and Fitness Goals        

a.    Be Healthy

7)   Relationship Goals

a.    Serve my wife more

b.    Improving my parenting style

8)   Personal Goals

a.    Read 24 books 

b.    Improve my writing

c.    Share my testimony and the God Has a Sentence for Your Life message with 24 churches

9)   Contribution goals

a.    Stroke victims

b.    Relaunch helping hands 

If you have a vision from God or are believing for God’s vision to be revealed to your life, please reach out to me in the comments or find the TH Community on Facebook to share your thoughts and allow other believers to pray with you for your visions from God to be fulfilled.

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