Bad Bananas


The counter in my kitchen seems to always house a number of brown and spotted bananas. Even though they often go uneaten, we continue to purchase these reasonably priced fruits at the grocery store on our bi-weekly trip.                             

The thing about bananas, and other perishable foods in the pantry or the fridge, is that I have never seen them go bad. I buy ripening green bananas. A week later I am discarding the mushy dead carcass of a once desirable breakfast treat. However, I didn’t see them go bad. I woke up one morning to find the changes that had taken place in the time since I bought it. The same can be said for the grey ground beef in the fridge or the stale chips I find while making lunch for the kids.

Perishable food goes bad over time, but we don’t see the exact moment good food goes bad.

If we knew the moments food was about to turn I think my family and I would make an intentional effort to turn things around. To eat the food before the spots showed themselves or the layer of slime encased itself around the deli meat. I would also think that if we knew the moment our lives were about to go bad, we would also take the time to address problem situations or stop other things to focus on preventing situations from spoiling.

We don’t recognize the moments that our lives go bad. We only see the results.  You couldn’t look at my life before Christ and point to the start of my gambling addiction but at some point you could easily see the results – including the money lost, the weight gain and depression.

God doesn’t want your life to go bad and He gave all you a great tool to prevent it. Instead of giving you a mechanism for being able to realize your actions aren’t right and preventing them, He gave you instructions to live a life with vision.

Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he. Proverbs 29:18

A vision in your life can prevent your life from perishing, or going bad.  This past weekend at Spirit Church, pastor Aeneas Williams spoke about vision and this verse saying, “Vision is the most important thing you can have for your life, particularly the vision God has for your life.”

Visionless John at the racetrack with his smokes and drinks years ago

Visionless John at the racetrack with his smokes and drinks years ago

When I didn’t have a vision for my life, I was a hopeless addict. Thankfully, I found a hope and a future through Christ. Now, I have a vision to run a ministry, share the gospel, tell stories and lead my family into a place of favor and maturity.  There are still things that could go bad in my life, but having a vision for the future allows me to stay focused on the big picture – which is the good results that will take place over time.

I may have a bad day today when my daughter has an accident during her potty training or need to solve a problem in my own life when I am having trouble forgiving someone who has offended me, but God’s vision for my life allows me to overcome those issues.  The big picture for those things being that I’m hoping to raise my daughter to succeed in whatever she puts her mind to and that I’m attempting to live a life that exemplifies loving my neighbor.

I once asked my fourth grade teacher, Ms. Thomas to get a drink of water to get rid of my hiccups.  She asked to hear my hiccups. Upon being asked, my hiccups – which had been bothering me for quite some time, were unable to be summoned any longer. They had disappeared following her simple request.   There may be hiccups in your life that appear along the way while walking out your big picture visions from God. Don’t focus on the problem, enjoy the solution. I learned to have faith that the hiccups will dissipate if I stay focused on the long-term vision God has for my life instead of the problem at hand.

Have you noticed areas of your life going bad? Are you ready to take a big step to turn things around? Pray and ask God for His vision for your life. Doing so can keep you fresh while preventing those parts of your life from spoiling.

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