My 3 Day Fast to Find Vision – Part Two

The first time I fasted to pursue God was in the fall of 2012. I was a brand new believer with a lot of questions and thoughts about the Bible, God’s plans for my life and how I would break free of my addictions.  Two of the more specific questions I had been asking God about included of the baptism of the Holy Spirit and praying in tongues.

in 2012, my home church was teaching that the baptism of the Holy Spirit was usually separate from the water baptism but available to all believers. This was the first time I heard this particular lesson and didn’t remember this being a lesson at the Baptist Sunday school I went to as a child. I later found out there was a major reason for that, my southern baptist church from childhood (and subsequent later membership with my family) didn’t believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit or praying in tongues.

I remembered being skeptical to the purpose and power of the baptism of the Holy Spirit and tongues. I remember saying, “that sounds made up and memorized” when I saw a woman on one of my favorite shows, Survivor, praying in tongues on an episode. However, even with my doubts, the Bible mentioned this unique baptism in every Gospel and I was curious if I could have it for myself (Acts 1:5, 2:38; Matthew 3:11; John 3:5). Deeply curious.

I began a search to quench my curiosity by searching out videos and books on the subject of speaking/praying in tongues and the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Unlike today, where a Google search may bring up a video on various Christian topics, including these, from hundreds of churches, video messages weren’t as common during the time I was searching. In addition, the topic I was searching for was an uncommon subject for churches to teach and even more difficult to find. While finding video lessons on tongues and the baptism of the Holy Spirit proved to be difficult for me I found many lessons on fasting.

In those teachings, I learned several important things I still believe to this day:

1)    Fasting is an act of worship which shows a desire for God more than food (Luke 2:37)

2)    Fasting unlocks God’s will in our lives (Daniel 10)

3)    Fasting is expected of us by Christ (Matthew 6:16)

4)    Fasting should be done in secret (Matthew 6:18)

I decided to move forward with a plan to fast in order to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit after I learned how God’s will can be unlocked inside someone’s life through this act of submission. I figured, if the baptism of the Holy Spirit was real I was going to find it through fasting or was going to be convinced it was not real.

Fasting is hard, that’s why people don’t do it often. However, I found the idea of really believing for God to show up in my life with this baptism of the Holy Spirit to be exciting. I was hungry for it. If it was available to have, I was ready to receive it. I went several days withholding food from my body and instead cried out to God in prayer to not answer my hunger pains through food but by providing me with the Holy Spirit baptism instead. 

On the 4th night of my fast, hungry and wanting, I was ready to give up but noticed I was beginning to believe in the second baptism even though I hadn’t experienced it for myself. That night, however, while on my knees in prayer to God I began to pray in tongues.  I had finally received the answer to my questions and I unlocked God’s will in my life. My faith was raised to a level of belief without experience and I think that is what ultimately allowed my prayer to be answered.

That was a long story to say this, I haven’t fasted very much since that moment in 2012.  But as I wrote last week, I participated in a fast to receive a vision from God for my life in 2019 alongside my congregation. I wanted to share with you the results.

My wife and I fasted together, this was the first time we really pressed into our mutual marital relationship with God through fasting. We were both excited to do this together and had hope and expectation to receive revelations of vision for our lives. While Megan’s revelation is her own to share, I heard God tell me to, “Live like the first year.”

God was very concise and non-descript in His word to me, much like He often talks to me, and I have also seen Him do to others. God can more say more to a person through a question or a comment than we can say to each other in articles and books. His word to “live like the first year,” opened up my mind to a world of new thoughts and ideas for my life in 2019 that I hadn’t had for myself prior to that revelation.  I will share those visions as well as some visions I have written myself in a post later this week as part of my continued to journey to write and share God’s sentence for my life with you this year.

Would you like to learn more about finding a vision from God in your own life?

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