My 3 Day Fast to Find Vision – Part One

Last Sunday at church, my pastor Aeneas Williams asked and instructed the congregation to fast (abstain from eating food) for the next three days.  I was excited because fasting was already on my finding passion in 2019 task list. This was both a confirmation and encouraging word for my personal walk with the Lord. 

My excitement grew when Pastor Williams described that during our fast we should pray and ask God to reveal what His vision for our lives were this year.  I have written and talked about finding a vision from God for your life with others for years and this prayer is near and dear to my heart and ministry. In fact, my new book God Has a Sentence for Your Life out in February has a section called, Finding Vision.

God Has a Sentence for Your Life - Signed Soft Cover

God Has a Sentence for Your Life release date in March 19th, 2019. Orders will not be shipped until after that date. This copy will be signed.

I believe God has a vision, or a view of the future, for every person ever created. For those that find Christ and are hungry enough to chase after God and ask Him what theirs is can find it. Fasting and praying for a vision from God can be a wonderful way to receive your vision because there is no better way to get hungry for something than to not eat.

Since 2013, I have kept a running vision list written down.  I learned early on in my walk with Christ to write down the things I was believing God to do in my life as well as the things God showed me He would do.  Writing down those types of things is an exercise in finding vision because you can’t write down what you aren’t thinking about or what you don’t want to happen. I would never write down to go in debt but have written to get out of it and that vision allowed God to give my wife and I the wisdom and increase to erase more than $20,000 of debt from our family ledger in the last year.

Writing down your visions – which can be a mixture of your own plans and God’s plans, builds your faith by allowing you to have a confident hope in a future that has yet to be written (Hebrews 11:1). It also allows God’s will in those areas of your life to be unlocked.

My vision list includes items that have already been checked off including getting married, having children and launching a ministry. There are also items that have yet to arrive like having two English bulldogs, seeing certain members of my family saved and the revival of St. Louis.  The point is that I have learned to pray and ask God to reveal His vision to me for how He sees my life. I believe this is important because Scripture says man can write down his visions (Habakkuk 2:2), plan his way so he can then be guided by God on the way to go (Proverbs 16:9).

For this particular fast, however, Pastor Aeneas wanted us to fast to receive a vision from God that didn’t come from our own hearts but from the heart of the Father.  He said, “God has a vision for your life that is far beyond your own little personal Mickey Mouse vision. He sees far more in you than you see. A lot of us will only put down on our vision boards and our goals what we think we can accomplish.”

After giving biblical examples of how Mary would have never written down to have a baby by the power of the Holy Spirit Pastor Williams landed his point by saying, “Get your vision from God. Not from yourself.”

I participated in my church’s three day corporate fast, and while Pastor Williams (and the Bible) talk about not to talking about your fast to others while you’re fasting, my fast is over and I wanted to share with you my results as part of my journey to find passion for God in 2019. I also want to use my walk as a way to encourage or answer questions for anyone walking out a new life in Christ.  I want you to see the types of behavior that is often included in a new life in Christ so you can see the joy, peace and hope that comes from being redeemed by Jesus.

Tomorrow I will give a brief history of fasting, why believers still do it today and what I heard from God about His vision for my life in 2019 while I was fasting.

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