No Coincidence - Southern Baptist Convention 2016 in St. Louis

“Lord I pray for the SBC, that great days would be ahead.” – Steve Gaines at the SBC Meetings

St. Louis is praying this same prayer for itself.

“Lord, we need you.  We need your anointing; we need your wisdom.  We are not smart enough. We’re not strong enough. We’re not slick enough. We need you. And So Holy Spirit, fill us today, in a fresh way, give us a fresh anointing.” – Steve Gaines at the SBC Meetings

 St. Louis is asking for this here already.

The vision of Testimony House Ministries along with many churches and ministries in the area is for a great revival to take place in St. Louis. 

We want the anointing of the Holy Spirit to be poured out onto everyone in St. Louis.  We want the love of Jesus Christ to be evident in the heart of the people who there.  We want the world to notice what God is doing in the lives and communities of our city.

The revival of St. Louis will take the faith of many Christians in the city to manifest.  If the vision of the Baptist church takes root on a local church level, St. Louis and cites throughout the country will have the opportunity to take part and witness another spiritual awakening of great magnitude.

If the largest church population begins believing and working towards a spiritual awakening and revival, combined with the soul-winning efforts of other denominations, St. Louis will see a mighty move of God. 

In truth, every Christian should rejoice in the fact that the vision of revival is sparking in hearts of a denomination that have more recently lost their focus for spiritual things and winnings souls for the kingdom. 

The SBC is recognizing the need to once again focus on winning souls and believing for a great spiritual awakening.  They have a history of doing these things well, but have recently had increasingly less passion and success in doing.

The spiritual awakening of the Baptist Church could only be accomplished by a massive outpouring of the Holy Spirit.    

The Holy Spirit is being poured out.  This is part of what the outpouring of the Holy Spirt looks like.  Gaines called it a fresh anointing.  God’s Word says this would happen (Acts 2:17).

When the church is desperately seeking out God’s anointing and asking God to fill the house of God with His glory we will experience true revival.  The vision being proposed by the SBC president is for the Baptist churches to experience this type of revival for themselves and then share it with the communities and lost people in the cities they live in.

Will the local Baptist churches hear this message and run with it (Hab. 2:2), or will they parish without it (Prov. 29:18)? 

It isn’t just up to them however, but a call to the entire body of Christ to believe for a spiritual awakening of the nation as one.  No denomination can simply stand back and rely on or hope for one group to do all this work.  Churches can come together in support of their brother and sister churches to do these things -- to act as the body of Christ.

Perhaps churches who have experienced spiritual awakenings or revivals can reach out to encourage the local SBC churches to continue seeking out God’s fresh anointing and focus on winning souls.

Churches that have experienced recent growth can reach out to other Christian churches in their area and share or train churches that are struggling in the area.  Churches should not be afraid to reach out to one another for help.  We are the body, and we need each other.

It’s no coincidence the SBC met in St. Louis for the first time in 14 years.  They could’ve gone anywhere in the country but God brought them all to St. Louis.  Why?

St. Louis needs spiritual awakening more than most cities.  The events in Ferguson, MO have left the city reeling.  St. Louis is hurt, lost and desperate for change.  Which means it is primed and ready for a great spiritual awakening to take place. 

The enemy has tried to destroy St. Louis, but through the struggles the city has faced Jesus will lead us to victory.  St. Louis will experience revival.  It has already started.

Will the entire church body of Christ take notice and work together for the common good of seeing their faith in God provide a spiritual awakening for the nation?