The Revival of St. Louis

The eyes of the world are often drawn to St. Louis.  People all over the world know that St. Louis is the home of the Gateway Arch, the St. Louis Cardinals, and more recently it is known for being the home of the Michael Brown shooting, riots, and a city divided.  St. Louis has been the setting for many great moments throughout history, and is also the backdrop for millions of positive memories of the people of this country.  However, St. Louis has also been the setting for moments that have led to the decline of the of the city’s identity, and many of the memories people now have about St. Louis are tied to unfortunate events, destruction of property, and seeing people hurting, angry, and lashing out.

Years from now, when we are able to look back and see St. Louis from the perspective of a different time, we will be able to see the real identity of St. Louis.  The identity of St. Louis will come from how we respond to the events of the city’s recent past.  Currently, St. Louis is known for many things, but we are beginning to wipe away the history of positive moments and replace them with negative ones.  The city of St. Louis should respond to what is being taken from them, which is the identity of their city.

St. Louis should be known for all the great things that come out of it, like the World Champion Cardinals or the Arch.  The identity of St. Louis is being written right now, and we are currently being known for what’s coming out of our city which is images and perceptions of struggle, decline, and violence.  Thankfully, the current identity of St. Louis is not set in stone, and we are still able to change how this city will be remembered in the future, but there is only one way we can do it.

St. Louis needs to be known for its love for Jesus Christ.


Jesus Christ is known as, and was born to be, the Savior.  Being able to save is the identity of Jesus Christ, and St. Louis is a city that needs saving.  In order for the identity of St. Louis to change, it needs to allow Jesus to do what He was made to do! 

The city of St. Louis can be transformed.  St. Louis can see resurgence like the world has never seen.  St. Louis has the opportunity many cities will never have, which is to see the love of Christ poured out in the entirety of its borders.  When we begin to allow Jesus to save St. Louis, He will reconcile broken relationships, create new hearts that desire to serve instead of take, and establish His presence in such a way that every person in St. Louis will know they can go to Him for help.

Jesus can save St. Louis, but we have to let Him.  Jesus can restore what is broken, but we must ask Him.  Jesus can heal what is severed, but we must want it.  Jesus can revive what is dying, but we must believe He can. 

The only way to allow Jesus to save St. Louis is to allow Him into our hearts, and recognize Him as our Lord and Savior.  Jesus will begin to work on our hearts, teach us how to forgive each other, even when it’s very hard to, and give St. Louis peace from the conflicts that wreak havoc upon the city.

Revival is coming to St. Louis.  St. Louis will be improved in every way.  The people of St. Louis will condition themselves to forgive first, and to let go of fear, worry, and doubt.  Revival will allow Jesus into St. Louis and allow Him to spark a fire in the hearts of all that live there to change for the better. 

When the eyes of the world turn their gaze upon St. Louis after it’s revival it will be unrecognizable.   No one will be able to explain how a declining city, full of bitter, angry, lost, and hurting people turn around to become a city like no other.  After revival, when people talk about St. Louis they will not mention the Cardinals, or the Arch, instead St. Louis will become synonymous with the name of Jesus.  St. Louis will be known for being a city that Jesus saved!


Jesus has already begun calling His followers to descend upon St. Louis.  Believers from all over the world were sent here during the events in Ferguson, and others have been called here for what is to come.  Jesus is about to pour out His love upon an entire city, and God has been planning this moment for a long time.  God will provide His people with the resources, hope, and assurances to believe St. Louis can be revived.

God is calling out believers to put their faith in His promise in Acts 2:17, that “'In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people.”  God is calling His people to come to St. Louis, and His word reminds us His people are going to be equipped to go out and boldly share the gospel using the gifts and talents He gave them at birth, as well as the spiritual gifts He will pour out in the last days!

Revival can only take place if the followers of Christ are willing to listen to Jesus, use the gifts we are given by God, and go out into St. Louis, and also to the ends of the Earth, as witnesses, to share the gospel the Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior (Acts 1:7-8)!  God has mighty plans to give the saving grace knowing Jesus as Lord provides to St. Louis.  There are people, ministries, and churches all over the city of St. Louis working together, however maybe not knowingly, to see the will of God done in this city. 

God moves through His believers and if you know Jesus Christ as Lord, maybe He is calling out to you.  If you are not from St. Louis, ask God if you can be of use to Him there.  If you are from St. Louis, ask God for the courage to share your testimony of God’s saving power in your own life to be a witness to the lost.  You become a part of the STL REVIVAL when you recognize God’s call on your life to stop what you’re doing, and follow Him into St. Louis.

All the revival of St. Louis needs to succeed is faith in Christ to be its savior.  Faith is what will draw out His people to do the work He needs done, and faith is what will allow the lost, and hurting people of St. Louis to accept the gospel message.  Faith will transform St. Louis.

Revival events are coming.  Churches will begin to invite the lost to hear the message, and the lost will find salvation and the miracles of Christ there.  However, revival starts now, when believers seek out the Lord and go where He calls them.  Jesus commanded us to share the gospel message with the ends of the Earth, and for the people of St. Louis maybe it starts with sharing that message with their own city first.


Believers, there are brothers and sisters in Christ that need your gifts and talents to prepare, plan, and produce upcoming revival events.  Believers, there are lost people sitting next to you at work, at the store, and even at home, start the revival by sharing your first-hand account, or testimony, of the transformation Christ has done in your life.  Sharing the gospel is not hard, but it is sometimes uncomfortable, so ask God for boldness to be a part of the revival!

Believers, do not sit back and watch as others do the work because God has a specific plan for our life to impact others, therefore we need to be seeking out that plan and faithfully following it. Believers, start the revival through prayer.  Remember that there were people that prayed for our salvation before we found it, and now God needs us to pray for the salvation of an entire city!

St. Louis is about to be transformed by revival, but the revival starts now.  It starts when we believe that Jesus has a plan for St. Louis to be lifted up from the defeat of recent events.  God wants to make good on His promise that He turns all things around for good (Rom. 8:28).  St. Louis can be turned around for good, but we need the faith of a city to believe it.

Will you believe the St. Louis can be known for loving Jesus?  Will you put your faith in God to transform and entire city for Good?  Will you share the gospel with the people you interact with in your life?  Will you be willing to use your gifts and talents to serve Christ in this revival?  Will you stand on God’s word that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior, and believe He can be the Lord and savior of our city as well? Will you believe Jesus is planning on coming to St. Louis?  Will you follow Him there?