Presidential Debate in St. Louis - The Choice is Clear


On Oct. 9th 2016, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump participated a presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis, MO.  After I watched this debate, which brought up the names of many people, places and issues, I was left to wonder.  Why didn’t they talk about St. Louis?

Unlike some cities in America, St. Louis (my hometown) is an epicenter for real issues facing our country.  As someone who has spent the last few years of my life dedicated to helping improve the city, I was so hopeful to see the potential leader of our nation share their vision of hope for St. Louis as well as our nation.  The idea of hope in this debate, much like in the lives of so many St. Louisans & Americans today, was non-existent.

I waited patiently to hear the debate touch on the issues facing St. Louis – the city where they were standing in.  I heard the candidates talk about or at least mention issues in Benghazi, Russia, Iraq, New York, Canada, San Bernadino, Orlando, Paris, Libya, Syria, Europe, Mosul, Ethiopia, Charlotte, Baltimore, Chicago, Washington D.C., the Middle East, and China. However, the mention of St. Louis never came.

Nearly 84 million people tuned in to watch these two talk about the future of our nation.  Yet they stood in St. Louis and talked about everything they could think of, except the city where they were.  St. Louis, maybe more than any other city, needs an outpour of hope and vision from those in leadership.  However, encouraging comments from our potential commander-in-chief about having faith in our future were traded in for comments about how we should be fact checking the past.

This debate was another unfortunate memory for the history of the city of St. Louis, except this time it wasn’t our fault.  Our city was proud to host the candidates, to be on the national news scene again for reasons that weren’t negative.  St. Louis was being directly involved with the process to putting the next president in office.  That’s exciting, regardless of which side of the political fence we sit on.

As I watched them discuss issues, waiting for them to get to ones that were relevant to me, I was reminded of one very important fact.



I have been alive during the presidency of five different people. None of those men have had an impact on my life personally.  I’m sure there is an argument to say that they have.  However, I have not met them, they have not asked me what my needs are, they do not promise to help me and they did not send their son to die for me.

God did.

God has shown me over and over again that He loves me. He sent Jesus to teach me and pay the debt of my sin, the Holy Spirit to empower my life for kingdom work, and the Bible to steer my path.  No legislature, program or even the most encouraging speech from a president has ever done those things.

So ultimately, the path our lives follow are determined by the relationship we have with Christ and not by who is leading our country.


I tried to make this debate and this election personal.  I tried to see the good through all the attacks and lies we have heard from both sides.  I chose to listen to my future president talk about the needs of MY city.  I was disappointed when they didn’t. 

We all connect personally to this election.  Our opinions are being discussed and debated and we all want to feel like we have the better moral compass guiding our lives.  We want to feel like we won or that our way of thinking is right. Only through our relationship with Christ and the Holy Spirit, who writes the law on our hearts (Rom. 2:15), will we actually be in line with what’s right and just in this world. Like everything else in life, whether it’s our morals or our president, it comes down to choice.

The choice this November, is not between Trump and Clinton, it’s between you and Jesus. 

Will you allow Him to be your Lord and Savior? Will you let Him make a direct major impact on your life in a way no president could? Will you elect someone in your life to love, care, and watch over your ever need forever?

God will make that choice very personal.  He will transform and change everything around you in such a way that your life will find great joy, hope and peace. Trust in Jesus Christ today, and you won’t worry which leader sits in office because your chosen leader sits on the throne.