Disturbing Election Coverage

We are just a few weeks from casting our votes as a nation for the next leader of our country.  Last week, I wrote about how the choice is clear.  That no matter who is in charge, if the nation puts trust and faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior we could leave all our worries behind.


I have really been struggling with addressing my thoughts about this year’s presidential election. Not because I don’t have any, but because I don’t have an issue worth sharing about the candidates. Instead, my issues come from my observations about the voting public.

Just last week, I saw two disturbing posts on social media from people I know about this year’s election.

Person one was angered by racist words they heard from another person who was backing a different candidate for president then they were.  Person one responded by saying words to all of us on social media about the other person that were just as evil and attacking as the original quote.  This first person even shared their hope that the people with that opinion would “die off.” 

Person two struggled with the thought that they would lose government assistance if their choice for president wasn’t elected.  They shared a real dissatisfaction for how government assistance programs could have a major impact on their family.  When they expressed all of those thoughts, the words they spoke were words of dread, worry and doubt.

These two posts weren't disturbing to me because I didn't agree with them.  They were disturbing because it's easy to see that they, like so many other people in our country, have no hope or peace in Christ.  It may be for varying and different reasons, but their comments reveal that they are desperate for change in their lives.  The desire people have for change to take place in their lives, ultimately allows them to react in ways that show to those around them that they lack peace and hope.

Seeing all of this take place while I pray for another revival of our nation led me to share the opinion I have struggled with sharing in regards to this year’s election. The opinion I have to share is not about who I’m choosing between Trump and Clinton. Instead, my opinion about this upcoming election is this, your life is valuable.


It is hard for me to watch this election coverage because it is hard for me to watch people of our nation complain and/or attack those who have differing opinions.  It is even harder for me to hear the cries of people who have real problems who think that if this election goes their way it will solve them, or won’t be solved if it doesn’t.  When I hear others share these comments, I see that they do not feel like they are listened to, understood or cared about. 

I see people who know they are valuable, but don't feel like they are being treated that way. 

My anguish about this election is real, but it is not connected to who sits in the Oval Office.  I have a real anguish to see so many hurting people find joy, peace and hope in their lives. I anguish because people are valuable, but they are looking for the world to buy them.  However, it was Jesus Christ who died as payment for them.

Maybe that's you.  Maybe you desire to be loved, to feel valuable.  I want you to know you are.  Jesus Christ died because of YOU.   What better way for someone to show you how valuable you are.  Christ wants you to have eternal life in His kingdom.  He died so that you can have peace, joy, and hope when you put your faith in Him.

You are important.  Your are valuable.  Your life is special to God.

Yet, it seems that many people put all their faith in our elected officials to help their life circumstances.  No elected official has ever provided my life with an overflowing sense of joy, peace, and hope.  But Christ has. And He can for you as well.


“I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13

Today, I want you to know it doesn’t matter which president is elected.  Your life is valuable to God.  This verse from Romans says that you can have the joy, hope, and peace you desire.  Put your faith in Jesus as Lord and your trust in God and all of these things will come to you through the power of the Holy Spirit.


My friends, I know many of us lack peace, joy and hope.  It’s easy to see.  Our social media accounts tell the whole story.  When we complain about others.  When we draw attention to our negative situations.  When we joke about others that think differently than we do.

If your life really had peace, joy and hope, would you still do any of those things?

If you really had peace in knowing your future was secure through Christ would you be worried about who was elected president of the United States?

If you really had joy, would you share your thoughts about how bad your circumstances are?

If you really had hope in the future, would you still dwell on the issues of your past or the nation’s past?

Today, like Paul did in Romans 15:13, I want to take my thoughts about this upcoming election and turn them to prayer.  A prayer I will share with you today and hope that you receive it today for yourself.

“I pray that God, the source of hope, gives it abundantly to all who cry out for change in their life today.  I pray that the citizens of this nation stop worrying about tomorrow and put their trust and faith in Jesus Christ for today’s troubles.  Lord, reveal your Son to those that do not know Him and convict their hearts.  I pray that the people of this nation repent of those revealed sins and desperately seek out the Holy Spirit to sanctify their lives.

Finally, Lord I thank you. Thank you for overflowing hope, peace and joy into those who put their faith in you instead of the elected leaders of this country.  You are such a marvelous God who hears the cries of His people and is immediate in His desire to answer them. In Jesus Name, Amen”

Find yourself focused on Christ and all the issues that bother you today and you'll vote on tomorrow will become the issues you pray for today but will no longer worry about tomorrow.