Body Building

In December 2015, there will be revival services held to engage the body of Christ in St. Louis. This event is being run by Testimony House in conjunction with Glory to God Kingdom Fellowship Church and Word Alive Christian Church.

It is the desire of this revival event to encourage believers in the St. Louis area in several ways:

• That God can use them in a mighty way to serve the Kingdom of Heaven

• To know that the lives they live for Christ have a direct impact on the lives of others in St. Louis

• To understand the God has specific paths He wants to guide our lives down • To recognize those paths and then mature in our faith so that we can take the first steps

• To accomplish God’s path for our lives by growing in knowledge, understanding, and wisdom

• Lastly, but most importantly that the body of Christ must work together to do the will of God


God has a plan for this city. We believe the revivals we are putting together are just one part of a larger picture to see lives transformed for Christ throughout this country. Even more than that, we believe the people that have been called together for these STL REVIVALS are just a small part of what God is doing to reveal Jesus Christ as Savior to St. Louis.

St. Louis is hurting, there are lost people. When someone is lost they need directions to see or know where to go. The Bible says, where there is no vision, the people will perish (Prov. 29:18). As believers, we do not want to see our city perish. Instead, we should want to lead anyone that has lost their way to Jesus Christ, who has a specific path for their lives to take. Jesus wants to give them directions where to go. He wants to give them a vision of what they can do for the Kingdom. 

The desire of STL REVIVAL is to see more people recognize God’s will and then take the steps of faith to carve that path out in the city of St. Louis. The call to share the gospel comes easier for some than to others. For others it is easier to be part of the local church than it is for some to even go. For those that don’t go or believe, it is easier to pretend like God doesn’t matter, isn’t real or they are too busy for Him than it is for firm believers to demonstrate Christ in their lives by evangelizing to them. 

Our mission as the body of Christ is to spread the Gospel to all the nations (Matt. 28:19). Believers should act in a way that will build up the body of Christ in this city. St. Louis is under attack from the enemy. In every corner of St. Louis we will find reports of violence see the destruction and feel the constant unrest. The lives of the believers are meant to be a constant testimony to all who don’t believe. Our lives should not match the world we see around us. 


We must share the gospel through our mouths and with our actions. Those two things make up our testimony, and when the people of St. Louis see the work of Christ in the lives of believers, they will seek God out for themselves.

STL REVIVAL is about sharing the gospel in St. Louis. It may not look how you think it should or do what others have done in the past, but it is all about glorifying the name of Jesus for all to see. We believe that the gospel has the power to transform 20,000 lives in this city. Transformation isn’t limited to those who don’t know Jesus as Lord, but also to the body of Christ. Building up that body starts with transforming the hearts and minds of believers to align with God’s Word – which will allow them to act in such a way that everyone else knows that we think the future identity of St. Louis is founded in Christ Jesus! 

We transform by the renewal of our mind (Rom. 12:2). These revival services are our way of transforming the body of Christ and building up a team to be guided down the path of God’s will together. We will renew our mind through God’s Word at these services. We will learn to apply God’s Word to our behavior by changing our thinking to align with it.

This is more than church service, this is STL REVIVAL. We are trying to stir up what has been put out and spark a fire in the hearts of the people of St. Louis. We want to build a body of believers whose light shines as a beacon for those that have lost their way. Come expecting to be transformed through Christ at these events. Come expecting to be stirred to a life of gospel sharing through your words and actions. Come expecting God to speak to your heart.