who is John?

John is a former problem gambler who lost hundreds of thousands of dollars during a decade long addiction. After living a life of depression and hopelessness John cried out to God to show him a future and a hope for his life.

John was born again at 29 years old, delivered from his gambling addiction and called by God to start a ministry called Testimony House.

His desire is to share his story with others in the hopes that they will find Christ for themselves.

Through Testimony House, John has been able spearhead revival efforts in St. Louis, speak at churches, write books, and host a radio show. Currently, Testimony House is creating live stream and video content to edify, entertain and educate believers as well as reach the lost.

He currently lives in St. Louis, MO with his wife Megan and their two children, Maya and James.

What is this site?

The primary function of this site is to be a place where all of John’s blogs and writings can be found. In addition, we hope to create a site that highlights the stories and writings of other believers.

This site is a sister site to testimonyhouse.org, which is the primary site for any news and information regarding Testimony House.

John hopes that people who are searching for answers about God will find this site to be a place that offers the right question. You have a purpose and calling from God and John wanted to create a place where you can be encouraged to find it.